Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Mmmmm, HI. 
i feel like I'm at an AA meeting. Announcing what i know about myself and listing it as if i were on a teen dating website. 
obviously, if you're reading this i assume you know my name. it isn't necessary to announce it. 

I'm supposed to write about myself. Personally, I hate this. I don't like writing about myself. I always manage to screw it up somehow, stay with me here. i'm just as lost as you are. 

*sigh* well... I'm going to high school. No, I'm not nervous. no I'm not excited. i don't care. personally, i don't have to worry about being beat up. i mean, look at me. not going to happen. I am, however, excited for the new and exciting experience that is high school basketball. I've been working and in my opinion, I'm not half bad. i have a pretty good shot. Decent ball handling. and a very good knowledge of the game. 

i should, i have to know. I've grown up with basketball all my life. Everyone in my family has played at some point. Some have even coached and gotten inducted into falls of fame. The Prichard name, in my opinion, is a large one to live up to. I'm trying, to make dad proud. To follow my shot like Gran says. And to keep my follow through up. It's not just my favorite sport anymore, it's a huge part of my life. i mean, what else does it tell you when a freshman playing with the varsity girls endures weeks and weeks of turning, twisting, jumping, and running on a torn meniscus. Impressive, right? (actually, not really. lol.)

My family is good. great. My parents are very much in love with each other. This love expressed through kissing in the kitchen, cuddling on the couch, and holding hands in the car. Sure, i'll tell them it's gross. Truth is? It's good to know my parents love each other so much they're going on 20 years and still have that "spark" they had when they met. 

my brother and sisters? WOW. a lot to handle. 4 kids is a lot and i'm one of them.

NOW,  lets get serious. Madison Paige Essinger. That girl is my best friend. We are  always together. The countless inside jokes. Late nights with Pepperoni. And references to SNL. she's my buddy. She soooo gets me. lawlz. (:

 music. sweet sweet music. My love affair with music has been continuing for some time now. It's on a rare occasion that you will find me without my headphones in, or on iTunes. 
Music is the only REAL thing that can take you to another time, another place, and make you feel totally different about anything. Indie Rock is my favorite.  My absolute dream job is to be a composer. (it's a stretch, yeah. i know.) My iPod is filled with Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, and dozens of other composers

Zombies,Monsters,Vampires.... {: 

love and rockets, 

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  1. Bailey,
    I just found your blog today. Guess I'm a little late to the party. But it looks like you have already taken a pretty big break from it. :) Maybe you'll come back to it, maybe you won't, but I wanted you to know that I was here today.

    And I'm the same way about music. I can hear just a few notes and instantly I am reminded of a time, event, person or movie. I LURVES me some tuneage!

    And I love you too Beets. Tons! (Don't tell the others about you being my favorite and all, ok? :) ) Love, AAR